Pitch Fund

To you who need funding for a simple project

The Pitch Fund is for both novice and experienced film-makers who want to get going quickly with a simple project. Alternatively, funding can also be sought in order to test out an excerpt from a larger project.

Application Demands

  • Deadline: Ongoing
  • Support: Max. 2,000 DKK + production equipment and facilities
  • Procedure: Submit an application via the form on this page
  • Book a meeting with the director / film consultant from Odense Film Workshop• You need to bring your attachments to the meeting if you have not uploaded them via the application form
  • At the meeting: You have 7 mins to pitch your idea – the consultants have 7 mins for response and questions
  • Then you leave while the consultant goes over the material and decides the extent of the aid
  • If you get a yes, we agree on the next stage
  • If you receive a rejection, we encourage you to apply again with a new project
  • Alternatively, you may be given a ‘Letter of interest’, which means that we are interested in seeing you again for another meeting. In this case, you need to work more on the project before we decide if we can support it.

Application Form

Submit the application form online – it is saved through out. All attachments must be uploaded as a single PDF file at the end of the application form – alternatively, this information can also be brought to the pitch meeting.

Please note that you are asked to upload a short video/vlog of the director stating what he/she wants to examine with the project.

Send the application together with the following attachments uploaded as a single PDF file – alternatively, this information can also be brought to the pitch meeting.

  • Description of the universe
  • Treatment or screenplay
  • Mood board / visual style
  • Technical considerations
  • Budget (if financial support is being sought)

Download templates

Download templates to help you with your budget or the planning of the production. You’ll also find some guidance on premise and structure regarding the short film format.