The world is the talents’ playground – we make certain of that through a strong international network.

We work towards making it easier for our talents to create an international network and co-produce with film-makers and film workshops from other countries.

Screen Talent Europe

Screen Talent Europe is a European film workshop collaboration and a network of film workshops or similar foundations from Eire, North Germany, Sweden, Norway, Northern Ireland and the Faroe Islands.

In the STE collaboration, we are working to promote and create an alliance between our partners and our talents. Screen Talent Europe also wants to make it easier to create co-productions across the participating countries. Read more about Screen Talent Europe here:

Talent camp

Talent camp is a week of teaching, workshops and masterclasses from morning to night. Film talents from Denmark, Europe and the rest of the world can apply to take part. There are approximately 30 participants each year who are exposed to a rich experience and a large network. For Odense Film Workshop there is an opportunity to provide local film-makers with a network abroad and to show young, foreign film-makers that Funen means film!


“Naked” covers the theme of 12 European co-productions, which Odense Film Workshop supported back in 2012. On our YouTube-channel you can see a selection of the 12 films.


We sometimes send our talents out into the world so they can create an international network. Watch some of the greetings they have sent back to us and see more on our YouTube-channel.

Danish Chinese Talent Camp 2017

In 2017, we launched our Danish-Chinese talent camp for the first time, open to 10 selected Danes and 10 selected Chinese. We have therefore extended the talent camp to two camps – one in Odense during OFF17 focusing on fiction and one in Chengdu focusing on documentaries.

In 2018 we will arrange a new talent camp – the focus and enrolment procedure will appear on the application form which will be available on this page when the registration opens.