Additional support

For you who needs additional support from another film workshop in the Filmtalent-cooperation

Additional support is for you who already have regular funding from Odense Film Workshop who need production facilities which we can’t deliver.

Application Demands

  • Ongoing application deadline: All recipients of funding from Odense Film Workshop can apply for additional production support from Viborg, Aarhus or Copenhagen
  • The need for additional support must be justified in the necessity of production facilities which Odense Film Workshop can’t deliver in the production phase of your film.
  • Fill in the application form online which will automatically be forwarded to Odense Film Workshop’s manager who will give a rejection or commitment as soon as possible
  • On commitment from Odense Film Workshop: The manager forwards the application for additional support to the workshop manager of the workshop from which additional support is requested
  • The supplementary support workshop is independent in its decision regarding support or refusal
  • In the case of additional support, a formal agreement is entered into between the workshops and the recipient
  • The recipient of the supplementary support must comply with the terms and conditions of the funding from both the workshops that are providing support

Application Form

Submit the application form online – it is saved through out.